RBS Group and Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Measures

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian business owner specializing in media. His company, RBS Group, is under his leadership and has been a family business spanning three generations. He also founded e.Bricks Digital, a venture capital company, investing in business with a promising future in the online sector. This new business has funded over $300 million to date and $100 million just in its first year. The businesses that receive funding must meet criteria that show they are revenue generating, stable businesses. The largest wine distributor in Latin America and a contemporary art show in Brazil. RBS Group primarily works in newsprint and radio.

According to Dino, Duda Melzer has a great start in his career with his educational background. He attended undergraduate school in Brazil at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande. His master’s degree was earned from Harvard University. He’s also taken more specialized classes on family business and entrepreneurship. The work paid off and Duda began a career in the US working at BoxTop; a media company in New York specializing in “unconventional” promotion. Duda has also worked in the finance field and has been an analyst. This work prepared him for the venture capital business.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are efforts that RBS Group takes seriously. They publish this information online for public display. The company also runs a foundation named after Duda’s grandfather named the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation. This group focuses on helping troubled youth in Brazil. By raising social awareness and petitioning the government, they’re able to be successful in these efforts. The media company also assists in them spreading the message so it’s conveyed throughout Brazil. Among the extensive projects they’ve completed, the most famous being called “Love is the Best Inheritance.” RBS Group and Duda Melzer are making great strides for their business and on behalf of fellow citizens.

Check out his website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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