Securus Technologies Leave Extensive Reviews On Their Features

You can choose from many  Securus Technologies features and decide which ones work best for you securely on their website. Their customers have been leaving their comments on their website and have been bragging about their features and services. Their customers have been communicating to one another over the forum and enjoying the technology features from Securus that have been helping them save money. You can get the benefits of having the features and services you want to choose from listed from the customer’s standpoint. You can also find out more about their features under a secure tab for each service you choose.


Popular Securus Technology Features


Remote Visitation


Remote visiting features allow you to visit your friends and love ones securely over the internet without leaving your home. You schedule the date and time you would like to visit your love one and get complete control over an optimum picture and sound.


Online Photos


Their online feature app allows inmates to receive facility approved photos. You pay a small fee and you can send one or a few photos at your discretion. Surprise an inmate with a few photos of their child.


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