Southridge Capital’s Involvement With Cryptocurrencies

In recent years cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the most beneficial types of financial instruments in the world. They have emerged as a form of digital currency that allows people and businesses to make financial transactions more easily. Due to the innovative nature of cryptocurrencies, a number of corporations, governments and banks have realized that these currencies are very practical for their operations. During the last several years, many people and businesses have looked to use cryptocurrencies more often. As a result, they were able to more easily manage capital. With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, a number of financial services firms such as Southridge Capital have looked to use these currencies to help benefit their clients.


Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 and has served as a financial services firm helping companies more efficiently raise capital and manage it. The firm has a number of very experienced professionals who are able to give client companies the guidance they need in order to reach their various goals. On a regular basis, Southridge Capital provides a wide range of services such as debt management, issuance of initial public offerings and also mergers and acquisitions. Over the last two decades of the firm’s existence, it has expanded and now serves clients all over the world. You can visit for more.



The firm Southridge is currently led by Stephen Hicks. He started up the firm in 1996 and has been responsible for its overall business direction. Hicks devises the strategies and policies to help the firm make progress towards its goals. As well as putting together the firm’s strategy, Hicks also makes sure that staff members are helping clients manage their capital as well as ensuring that all of the firm’s goals are being met on a regular basis. Stephen Hicks also makes sure that the firm is always making progress towards business development and in managing client relations. You can visit their website



Stephen Hicks has used his three decades of experience in finance to successfully build his own firm Southridge Capital. He began this firm at the end of the 1990’s when his previous employer decided to move. As a member of a hedge fund firm, Hicks used his expertise to start up a firm of his own while his employer was in the process of shutting down. Hicks quickly built the firm by organizing business strategies as well as by developing business. Within a few years, Southridge Capital was one of the most successful investment firms in the industry.



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Drew Madden On Implementing Innovative Strategies to Sustain the Healthcare Sector

It is common knowledge that implementing new policies in the healthcare industry is not a natural process. It has consistently been proved that formulating or adopting new strategies, with the sole purpose of enhancing the health care sector isn’t smooth as it seems to be. The challenges experienced in the healthcare industry are as a result of poor policy formulation and implementation. It is common for political leaders to comment about the challenges facing the system, especially when they are looking to get votes but they go silent about the same when they ascend to power.

Information technology experts such as Drew Madden have shown how our systems can be improved to make our healthcare sector to be what we have been looking to get. If you check on the Evergreen Health Partners, an organization that is using innovative technologies to improve the healthcare sector, you will get an understanding of what information technology can do to the healthcare industry. The systems developed by Drew Madden have been made with the sole purpose of helping individuals to attain their healthcare goals.

An excellent example of what a technological expert can do is developing an integrated managed system that can assist in storing information concerning various patients. The data stored in this system concerning patients will include personal biometrics and essential details about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment procedures. Having such information stored in a retrievable system will help in understanding the diseases experienced in a particular region and what is the best strategy to counter such diseases. Moreover, a hospital will be in a position to sense conditions in the area and how it can be solved.

Drew Madden is also skeptical about how the hospitals should be operated. He is of the opinion that hospitals are community organizations that have been spending public money and as such, they should be generating income that they can use to sustain their activities. Therefore, an entity should adopt the best strategy to attract clients such as operating in utmost good faith while at the same time offering quality services. By providing quality services, an entity will be able to draw a large number of clients hence ensuring that they get additional income to run the business.

Vijay Eswaran Gives Profound Business Advice On How He Became A Multimillionaire

Born in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of a QI Group of Companies. A self-made millionaire, he graduated with a degree in social economics from LSE in 1984. Before that time, his life was relatively normal and uneventful. After graduation, he traveled Europe for over a year undertaking a wide range of jobs from a construction worker, to French winemaker/grape picker. Throughout his travels, he gained a wide range of experience and a new understanding of ‘how the world works.’

Settling down in the United Kingdom in the early 1980’s Vijay Eswaran took an interest in Binary System Marketing. After moving to the United States, Vijay obtained his Master’s in Business from Southern Illinois University. After graduation, he was hired by Synaptic, a company specializing in Human Software Interface technologies. Concluding thirteen years of traveling around the world, he returned to his homeland of Malaysia.

In Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran focused his pursuits on founding a multilevel marketing company which has transformed over the years into his multimillion-dollar QI Group. Currently, he serves as its Chief Executive Chairman. Spanning over ten countries, QI Group presents a diversified portfolio of products, ranging from corporate investments to travel and media. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices throughout much of Asia.

When asked in a recent interview what he believes led to his fantastic success, Vijay reportedly stated that embracing the one constant in life, change, will help entrepreneurs become successful in their particular area of expertise. Embracing change also facilitates improved adaptability to our environments, meaning, it’s possible to ride the waves of change to our benefit rather than our demise. It is this incredible wisdom and insight which is one of the reasons Vijay has become as successful as he is today. In Embracing change and conquering our fear ensures our success in anything we endeavor to create.

Matt Badiali: Everyday Achiever

Matt Badiali definitely sets the bar as high as he can. He graduated from Penn State with a Bachelors in Earth Science. He also has a Master of Science and Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He got these both before 2004 when a friend of his had a great collaborative idea. He wanted Matt Badiali to get involved in finances and help him cultivate a way getting more money in the pockets of average people making investments who are likely to get eaten up by big businesses. Well, Matt Badiali had a personal resonation with this mission because he’d seen his own father face struggles in the investment game. So he was in and he worked harder than expected. Doubling and even tripling the amount of money people had investment. He made a name for himself in his career very quickly.

Today Matt Badiali shares his tips and tricks for investing around the world. In 2017, he started his own newsletter where he shares frequent advice on how to make more money investing. He says that he not only uses the lessons he’s learned from his own experiences, but tries to get as deep an understanding as he reasonably can of others situations so that he can give them the best advice possible. Matt Badiali does admit to working a lot, but otherwise he leads a pretty normal life. He gets up early and spends as much time with his daughters as possible before sending them off to school. He even tries to squeeze the gym into his daily routine. That’s only if time permits because he believes that in order to be optimally effective you have to focus on one task at a time.

He also encourages his readers to read as often as they can and fill their minds with new information often to be more effective in their businesses and investment ventures. But he believes greatest strategy is his drive to overachieve for his clients.