The Innovacare Health Team Stands For Excellence In The Healthcare Industry:

Dr. Rick Shinto is the leader of a healthcare industry firm called InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto serves as the firm’s Chief Executive and also its President. InnovaCare has built up an impressive reputation working in the area of managed healthcare plans including plans in the Medicaid and Medicare field. The firm’s work in Puerto Rico has been particularly critical as the island territory recovers from the devastation of recent natural disasters. Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides spearheaded much of this work and went to the White House to speak with President Trump about the unique issues faced in this U.S. territory.


Rick Shinto has extensive experience in healthcare that includes over twenty-five years working on a clinical basis as well as working in the operational end of this industry’s business model. Before coming to InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was with Aveta in the role of CEO. He held this title from 2008 until 2012. As the head of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto leads a team of executives that are all experts in their respective fields.


Penelope Kokkinides is another major part of the executive team that works for InnovaCare Health. As the firm’s CAO she has specific expertise in the implementation of government health care plans. Her experience in the healthcare industry is extensive and extends back more the two decades. She worked for Centerlight HealthCare as EVP and COO before joining the InnovaCare Health team. ¬†You can visit for more details.


Penelope Kokkinides finds it easy to stay productive in her work because of the fact that every day of her professional life has a different look and feel to it. She enjoys this fact because it helps her maintain focus and motivation. Penelope is also constantly on the go do to her busy schedule of travel that is related to her work. Working with such a great team at InnovaCare has helped Penelope Kokkinides to consistently be able to bring innovative ideas to a point of reality. Penelope has become increasingly popular over recent years due to the rise of technology in the medical field. This has also been beneficial to her in terms of maintaining a good connection with members of her professional network. To see more checkout




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