Reinventing Business with Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a Saudi born businessman and investor. He is well-known as the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, a worldwide luxury property development company based in Dubai. Sajwani is also a self-made billionaire. Currently, he is listed as one of the most influential leaders and businessperson in the Arab world. He is worth $2.7 billion according to Forbes. DAMAC Properties has a market cap of $4.7 billion with a total of $1.9 billion in annual sales according to Forbes. Additionally, Forbes listed the company as the 2017 Best Employer and Growth Champions.

Hussain Sajwani is a naturally gifted businessman and investor. After graduating from the University of Washington, he signed up as a contracts manager with GASCO, an ancillary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After gaining the necessary experience to run his own business, Sajwani established his own catering business in 1982. Owing to innate business acumen, the catering business experienced a tremendous growth to become a market leader in the industry. The superior services of Sajwani’s catering business attracted notable clients like the US military. Besides offering meals to the US military camps, Hussain Sajwani was contracted to offer supplementary services like camp maintenance and supply of labor to camps throughout the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani is also known for his excellent ability to identify profitable investment opportunities. While building hotels and accommodation facilities for the rising numbers of visitors to Dubai, he realized that there was a serious gap in the property development market. He seized the opportunity, and by 2002, he established DAMAC Properties. Through his extensive knowledge and experience in business, Hussain Sajwani rapidly propelled DAMAC Properties to the top of the investment world. His unmatched skills in marketing, sales, legal affairs, and finance proved to be a valuable asset to the growth of DAMAC Properties.

Today, philanthropist Hussain Sajwani is one of the world’s leading employers. DAMAC properties employs more than 20, 000 employees, and has gone public in the Dubai Financial Market. Since its establishment, it has delivered more than 24,000 luxury units and has another 40,000 units under various developmental stages. The company has a global presence with projects in Doha, Beirut, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, London, and Dubai among other major cities in the world. Watch this video of Sajwani on YouTube.

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Felipe Montoro jens: The Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Guru

Felipe Montoro Jens isn’t your normal entrepreneur. He distinguishes himself as calculating, workaholic and one great deal maker. Over the years, in South American countries like Brazil, the government has owned and solely was responsible for most economic and development projects. However, there is anecdotal evidence that any government is a bad businessman. Times have since changed and to cure this malady, governments have been constantly partnering with private institutions to fulfil their mandate, especially in infrastructure projects.. Countries like Brazil have since distinguished themselves as being investor friendly and at times partaking in Public-private partnership projects. These projects often require the government to sign comprehensive agreements with companies that wish to jointly venture into major projects especially infrastructure. This is where Felipe Montoro Jens comes in.

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Felipe Montoro Jens is a man who wears many hats. His academic resume betrays a diverse, focused and well-learned individual. Mostly it is only those in the field of academia distinguish themselves with multiple degrees and not businessmen. Montoro has a resume that is impressive. The Spanish and History Undergraduate degree he obtained wasn’t enough. He would later go on to earn master’s degrees in other unrelated fields like kinesiology and business administration to boost his resume. Such a resume paints a picture of resilience and thirst for knowledge beyond academic gratification. It also speaks volumes about that insatiable hunger for success and acknowledging the multidisciplinary relationship of business.

It can be argued that this vast knowledge base has ideally helped Felipe Montoro Jens to be an excellent deal maker. To cut deals means one has to have intimate knowledge of business and intimate knowledge of human nature. Most infrastructure projects that involve public-private partnership often have his input. Perhaps this is the reason why he sits on the boards of multiple companies.

The former Oregon and UC Santa Barbra student prides himself in a strict work ethic and constantly reading in search of new ideas. He has intimated before as constantly reviewing his presentations before the actual presentation. A fact that attests to his attention to detail and being sure that the subject matter is adequately tackled.

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The successful career of Susan McGalla

A considerable number of women have found it rough trying to be relevant in the business industry. However, some have made it through the latter hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Besides, the attitude of a significant number of them has also affected their success in the sector. Susan McGalla is among the most successful women in the field of entrepreneurship and as an influential figure, she has continued to share with other people on the ways they can also make it. She has always been passionate about venturing into the field since she was still young. She gained her inspiration from her parents, who showed her great support by encouraging her to pursue her dreams and engage with people who boosted her morale to be the best.

She has served in a vast number of companies, and as a marketing expert, she has continued to fuel growth in a vast number of them. She kicked off her career in 1994 at the Joseph Horne Company before later pursuing greener pastures in many other companies in the country. The entrepreneur later launched her firm named the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Having worked in a vast number of retail and marketing firms, she has dealt with the many challenges that she has experienced in the management firm. Besides, she is passionate about working closely with other experienced gurus in the industry, and this has helped her learn many skills and other tips in the latter. She continues to bring inspiration in the lives of others through her counsel as well as encouragement. Besides, she also seeks to maintain her versatility attributes as she believes that it has played a significant role in contributing to her successes in her entire career. Her achievements have also motivated her to explore other fields through which she has launched other ventures.

Study at Rocketship schools Dedicated Institution to Give the Best

In 2006, John Danner and Preston Smith founded a non-profitable corporation known as Rocketship which is a network of public charter schools. Preston Smith became the CEO of this foundation which has about 1000 employees nationwide. Preston was a teacher, principal, and a director this school before becoming the president of the Rocketship foundation. The primary goal of Rocketship was to ensure all students have equal learning opportunities across the country, hence specializing with the less advantaged students. Rocketship foundation gets fund from Peery Foundation, and also they have been conducting fundraising where they have been able to raise at least $ 3.3 Million.

Educators are entrusted with the lives of students by both parents and members of the community, for this reason, Rocketship foundation takes this responsibility to ensure that learners future is secured. Although Rocketship schools have faced many challenges, they put more effort into ensuring they remain relevant in providing efficient services to its members. Rocketship dream is to educate students and equip them with the best knowledge which will help them in their life. Rocketship foundations improve their curriculum through DreamBox and STMath software as their method of teaching since it`s of great benefit to the students compared to the previous curriculum. The curriculum also provides the solution to teachers’ shortage in public schools due to little funding for teachers.

Rocketship uses teacher-led technology as a method to pass the right content at the right time to every student. Rocketship foundation involves parents, members of the community, and other charter schools to ensure that the achievement gap is eliminated for good. They have been able to build efficient and long-term school model that is concerned with the prosperity of every student.

Rocketship foundation provides the kind of education which every parent would like their children to have because of it great benefits which include;

  • The students can use modern technology where there is a wide range of information from various sources.
  • Students become more self- directed.