Felipe Montoro jens: The Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Guru

Felipe Montoro Jens isn’t your normal entrepreneur. He distinguishes himself as calculating, workaholic and one great deal maker. Over the years, in South American countries like Brazil, the government has owned and solely was responsible for most economic and development projects. However, there is anecdotal evidence that any government is a bad businessman. Times have since changed and to cure this malady, governments have been constantly partnering with private institutions to fulfil their mandate, especially in infrastructure projects.. Countries like Brazil have since distinguished themselves as being investor friendly and at times partaking in Public-private partnership projects. These projects often require the government to sign comprehensive agreements with companies that wish to jointly venture into major projects especially infrastructure. This is where Felipe Montoro Jens comes in.

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Felipe Montoro Jens is a man who wears many hats. His academic resume betrays a diverse, focused and well-learned individual. Mostly it is only those in the field of academia distinguish themselves with multiple degrees and not businessmen. Montoro has a resume that is impressive. The Spanish and History Undergraduate degree he obtained wasn’t enough. He would later go on to earn master’s degrees in other unrelated fields like kinesiology and business administration to boost his resume. Such a resume paints a picture of resilience and thirst for knowledge beyond academic gratification. It also speaks volumes about that insatiable hunger for success and acknowledging the multidisciplinary relationship of business.

It can be argued that this vast knowledge base has ideally helped Felipe Montoro Jens to be an excellent deal maker. To cut deals means one has to have intimate knowledge of business and intimate knowledge of human nature. Most infrastructure projects that involve public-private partnership often have his input. Perhaps this is the reason why he sits on the boards of multiple companies.

The former Oregon and UC Santa Barbra student prides himself in a strict work ethic and constantly reading in search of new ideas. He has intimated before as constantly reviewing his presentations before the actual presentation. A fact that attests to his attention to detail and being sure that the subject matter is adequately tackled.

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