Isn’t Rebel Wilson Romantic?

Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson is called many things, but hardly ever romantic. She’s based a whole comedic persona on being a “bogon,” an Australian slang term that roughly corresponds to “redneck.”

The stories she tells about herself rival the outrageous roles she’s performed onstage: raised by dog-trainers, climbed into a leopard cage, and as a child, had vivid hallucinations during a bout with malaria in which she rapped her acceptance speech at the Oscars ceremony. She’s so used to self-deprecating humor that she produced and starred in the series Bogan Pride. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

But put all that aside, and she’s a dynamic break-out character actor who has made a name for herself. Her next movie, Isn’t It Romantic?, is slated for release in 2019. In it, she plays an awkward working-class drub who hits her head and finds herself awakening in an alternate universe based on romantic comedy films. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical   and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

She now has a gay sidekick, she owns an upgraded apartment straight out of a Sex and the City set, and crowds on the street tend to break out in choreographed song and dance numbers whenever she’s around. Even New York City gets a make-over. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

To her disgust, naturally. Like a Groundhog Day fantasy, she has to figure out the rules of a genre she never paid much attention to and use them to break the spell if she’s ever to escape back to her normal reality.

Rebel Wilson not only stars, but she’s taking a turn this time as producer as well. The former Pitch Perfect star is known for her sarcastic and unsentimental humor, putting her on the ideal path to take “chick flicks” down a notch, and isn’t it about time?

This, despite her starring turns in projects such as Bridesmaids. This could be Wilson’s way of turning the page from her own romantic comedy dabbling, since, after all, she’s based a whole career out of reinventing herself, from shy wallflower to brassy and bold diva.

Whatever definition she’ll pick next for herself, she’s on the hustle for now. In addition to Isn’t It Romantic?, she has three more projects already in the works: The Hustle is completed, Jojo Rabbit is in post-production, and Cats, a revival of the Broadway musical of the same name, is filming now.

As fast as she is on her feet, it’s easy to see where a cat would be a natural role for her, because even with nine lives she isn’t letting any of them pass her by.

Guilherme Paulus: Towards Nurturing The Next Generation Of Hoteliers

Guilherme Paulus has worked in Brazil’s hotel and hospitality industry for close to five decades. He first joined the industry as a salesman for a tour and travel agency after quitting his job as a computer technician at IBM. His interactions with various local and international tourists while working in the industry inspired him to venture into entrepreneurship when he was 24 years old.

Partnering with a local state deputy, Mr. Paulus used the knowledge he had gathered about the unique opportunities in the sector to establish CVC in 1972. Adept at identifying problems and finding solutions, Guilherme Paulus became the company’s president, a position he holds to date. Over four decades later, he has become one of Brazil’s most influential businessman; an envious status that was recognized in 2017 when he was named the country’s Entrepreneur of the Year as well as Personality of the Year.

Using His Influence

Guilherme Paulus has used his growing influence within the country’s tourism industry and corporate sector in general to nurture the next generation of hoteliers and entrepreneurs. Through CVC, he has sponsored various education programs targeting children from low-income communities with the view of imparting in them the necessary hands-on skills on tourism. Mr. Paulus has also been at the forefront of financing various initiatives aimed at improving accessibility to health care services to children and youths in disadvantaged communities. For over a decade, he has lent his expertise to Brazil’s National Tourism of Council.

Transforming CVC into a Market Leader

When Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC. It was a small tour and travel firm. The company has grown into a market leader under his leadership. Today, the agency boasts of a nationwide network of outlets and online vendors, an ever-growing employee base, and $5.2 billion in annual revenue. Guilherme Paulus is credited with the rapid growth and strategic marketing position of the company including the implementation of an expansion plan aimed at opening 100 outlets annually all across Brazil. The growth of CVC encouraged Mr. Paulus to try his hands in other ventures. In 1995, he established GJP Hotels & Resorts and successfully transformed it into a leading hotel chain. He also ventured in the air transport business in 2006 by purchasing Webjet. By 2011, Webjet had grown into one of the industry leaders which led to its sale to GOL.