Success Academy is biting more than it can chew—and that’s a Good Thing

Success Academy is facing an enrollment crisis. They have received over 17,000 new applications from needy students but only have 3017 slots available. To Success Academy’s CEO, Eva Moskowitz, this is actually a good thing. Such statistics prove that Success Academy is a foremost authority on educational brilliance. The charter school produces A-students armed with the vital skills to succeed in life—and this explains why more students continue to apply for enrollment each year.

Strict Selection Process

Success Academy is quite picky in how they enroll their students. Only the best performing students get to enroll for the elementary level. This selection process has received heavy criticism from public schools. Despite that, it has actually produced outstanding results for the charter school.

The Learning Process

Success Academy students train on critical thinking and self-advocacy as they join elementary. Elementary students also learn how to read both fiction and non-fiction literature. Additionally, the students develop skills for solving conceptual math problems. By the end of elementary, the students are able to answer questions in their own personal voice.

Success Academy advocates for teamwork both inside and outside the classroom. Students discover new talents while they are young guided by their tutors. As the students join middle school, they not only have developed a voice but a personality as well.

High school students, at Success Academy, have plenty of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. These opportunities prepare them for both college and the job market. The students are excellent public speakers and have an advanced reasoning ability. They are also excellent academic writers.

Also, the senior students can apply for internship opportunities or exchange programs. This gives them a glimpse of the job market and exposure to different cultures globally. Success Academy also provides summer programs where students can discover their passions.


Success Academy continues to rise higher in academic performance. The charter schools are now the benchmark for quality education in America, outshining public schools in both curricular and extra-curricular performance. It is no wonder that more parents from the projects continue to seek a slot in the schools for their children.

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