OSI Industries: The 21st Century’s Top Food Provider

What would the world be like if there weren’t any food services? Since eating food will never go out of style, this specific field of work won’t be going anywhere in the near future. The United States is home to one of the world’s leading food providers, and it has a dominating presence that can be felt across the world. OSI Industries is its name, and this food giant has a firm grip on the competition. As of 2018, OSI has employed up to 20,000 individuals. This number of staff members is immense as the company only started with a handful of employees from its birth. The company was actually founded back in 1909. During those days, OSI Industries wasn’t a global powerhouse. This small meat market made a name for itself by providing quality meats and by providing quality customer service.

Otto Kolshowski, a German-immigrant, turned his dream into a reality. He was just one of thousands who immigrated here from Germany in the early 1900s. Chicago was ground zero, and this migration of foreigners definitely pulled their weight in the agriculture department. Farms began sprouting up all over the Midwest’s plains, and Chicago’s population skyrocketed from it. Twenty-five percent of the city’s populous was of German decent by this time. Carl Sandburg, a famous American poet, stated that “Chicago is the city of broad shoulders.” This notion is 100 percent true because it hosted a ton of startup businesses. As time passed, OSI was chosen by McDonald’s to be one of its main meat suppliers. Ray Kroc, former CEO of McDonald’s, shook hands with Arthur and Harry Kolschowski to bring this deal into fruition. OSI Industries has gone on to work with many other high-profile food retailors such as Burger King, KFC, Yum, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

As of today, OSI Industries is worth billions of dollars, and it doesn’t look to be slowing its progressive movement anytime soon. The future of professional foodservices is in great hands, but who knows what’s in store over the next few years.