Sussex Healthcare Jobs

About Sussex Health Care
Sussex was established in 2002 after it gained health accreditation from the Health Quality Services in 2003. In 2005, Sussex Healthcare Group gained certification and recognition from International Standards (ISO).

In this manner, it became the first independent care home provider in the United Kingdom to receive both International recognition and Local accreditation.

Sussex Healthcare Group is dedicated to providing quality services that maintain the health and well-being of an individual. Good health does not mean lack of illness. It says that your physical, psychological, and emotions are in harmony. Sussex Healthcare ensures they have attained this through ideal leisure activities, social and recreational operations. They have programs that guarantee all individuals can meet their desires.

Sussex healthcare group is internationally recognized due to the awards they have received. They have been in operation for 25 years providing nursing homes, assisted care, and health for the elderly. They run 20 nursing homes around the United Kingdom.

Sussex Health Care recently released a press statement that detailed the announcement of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new Chief Executive Officer of the care group. The board believes that Amanda Morgan-Taylor will bring great difference via the collaboration of other senior staff.

Sussex Healthcare Jobs

About the Employment
Sussex Healthcare Group believes that the excellent results they produce are mainly attributed to the work of the employees. As a result, they believe in investing in employees to realize their full potential and talent. They think that education and training are the key to success.

Benefits of employees in Sussex Healthcare
Once you get hired by the Sussex Healthcare Group, you enjoy the following benefits; Pension, reduced rate accommodation, uniform, paid breaks, mentoring skills, an in-house training academy for specific courses, double pay on holidays and weekends, subsidiary meals, free staff bus, and many other bonuses.

Sussex Healthcare offers training for entry-level candidates in their training academy at their head office. Additionally, they provide chances for those individuals who want to further their skills in Nursing apprenticeships, management courses, among others. They have job opportunities posted on their website.

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