Study at Rocketship schools Dedicated Institution to Give the Best

In 2006, John Danner and Preston Smith founded a non-profitable corporation known as Rocketship which is a network of public charter schools. Preston Smith became the CEO of this foundation which has about 1000 employees nationwide. Preston was a teacher, principal, and a director this school before becoming the president of the Rocketship foundation. The primary goal of Rocketship was to ensure all students have equal learning opportunities across the country, hence specializing with the less advantaged students. Rocketship foundation gets fund from Peery Foundation, and also they have been conducting fundraising where they have been able to raise at least $ 3.3 Million.

Educators are entrusted with the lives of students by both parents and members of the community, for this reason, Rocketship foundation takes this responsibility to ensure that learners future is secured. Although Rocketship schools have faced many challenges, they put more effort into ensuring they remain relevant in providing efficient services to its members. Rocketship dream is to educate students and equip them with the best knowledge which will help them in their life. Rocketship foundations improve their curriculum through DreamBox and STMath software as their method of teaching since it`s of great benefit to the students compared to the previous curriculum. The curriculum also provides the solution to teachers’ shortage in public schools due to little funding for teachers.

Rocketship uses teacher-led technology as a method to pass the right content at the right time to every student. Rocketship foundation involves parents, members of the community, and other charter schools to ensure that the achievement gap is eliminated for good. They have been able to build efficient and long-term school model that is concerned with the prosperity of every student.

Rocketship foundation provides the kind of education which every parent would like their children to have because of it great benefits which include;

  • The students can use modern technology where there is a wide range of information from various sources.
  • Students become more self- directed.